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VR-2 Series

Professional Racing Helmet - high performance design for street and track

The VR-2, KBC’s flagship model, is a true race helmet. Designed for aerodynamic airflow and stability at high speeds, the VR-2 platform features reduced shell dimensions and overall size. The eye aperture, strap positions and shell ergonomics have been fine tuned to provide increased peripheral vision, improved head maneuverability, reduced neck strain and dampened wind noise.

ULTRALIGHT – The TRI COMP* shell, constructed using an advanced formula of fiberglass, carbon and kevlar, in a Vacuum Lamination System*, resulting in an extremely lightweight helmet.

CLIMATE CONTROL – The Dual-intake Ventilation System (DiVS) incorporates the latest technology to efficiently draw, circulate, vent and control airflow providing ultimate comfort.

COMFORTMAX – The UltraLux Liner is an ultra-soft easily removable and customizable padding system, offering premium cushioning and moisture wicking properties. This is combined with the Airnet Gauze, a micro-fiber material integrated into the front and rear of the liner, promoting optimum breathing and circulation to deliver maximum comfort.

FUNCTIONALITY – Flat racing visor (option - tear-off posts), an optically correct, scratch resistant polycarbonate anti-fog shield, easily releases via the one-step tool free Quick Release Visor Plus (QVR+) system and seals securely when closed to the helmet’s RIB system.

SAFETY – Core comprised of High Density Impact Absorbing EPS. Meets or exceeds DOT and SNELL standards (also available in ECE approved models).

SIZES: available from XS - XXL

* TRI COMP Shell – An advanced formula of alloy resin material (FG, Carbon, Kevlar) blended with impact resistant epoxy resins and produced using an advanced Vacuum Lamination System of pressure/heat molding. The manufacturing process ensures accuracy in shell thickness and durability, resulting in a precision racing helmet.

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